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It’s no secret that Western North Carolina is the Mecca of Mountain Biking on the east coast.

I don’t think it’s unfair to say that finding a rival to the terrain, views and biking community found in Pisgah and DuPont area would be a hard task to complete without heading two hours north of British Columbia or to Utah or Sedona, Arizona. Maybe put Bentonville, Arkansas on that list as well.

Between Pisgah and DuPont you can explore more than 1,800 miles of trail by bike. That’s pretty incredible and the views are hard to beat!

DuPont and Pisgah offer spectacular views and breathtaking descents, while offering enough variety for riders of all skill levels to feel comfortable. Which means that once you grow comfortable enough with your favorite trail, somewhere there’s a spur waiting you push you a little bit more while giving you the comfort of feeling accustomed to your surroundings.

But in the middle of 2020, just as it was starting to seem as if the world was ending and life was pointless, Ride Kanuga gave us reason to live and inspired hope for the future.

Sounds dramatic because it is. Hopefully dramatic enough to make you read the rest.

Ride Kanuga bills itself as a “rider built, rider approved” mountain bike park.

From its website:

Ride Kanuga Mountain Bike Park was born out of a simple concept; make mountain biking fun and welcoming.  Founded by Neko Mulally and Dave LaMond; Ride Kanuga is rider built, rider approved.  We do this through high quality, safe, and unique mountain bike specific trails; which equip and encourage both new riders and seasoned professionals to gain new skills and experiences.

In the course of the last several months I was able to pay Ride Kanuga about four visits. And each time I felt pushed in ways I wasn’t pushed before.

Of the eight trails offered during my visit, I focused on the two that seemed less likely to kill me. Well, the two on which I was less likely to kill myself. You can get wild and rowdy at Ride Kanuga. And that’s what makes it fun.

Here’s my ride down the Rhodo Ruckus and Evergreen trails.

If you’re within a few hours drive of Ride Kanuga, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed with the effort required to get there and enjoy the latest and greatest trails it has to offer.

Ride Kanuga has really accomplished something some would have thought impossible: it made the area of Western North Carolina known for its unparalleled mountain biking that much harder to beat.

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